(Synthi A virtual synthesizer)

It's not the same, it's just the best of two worlds.

Here is the very special sound of the Synthi A with its unique 256 modulation - matrix and its unique EMS-Filter now available as a VST-instrument!

The complete feature range and frequency dual-knobs give you extremely fine control to recreate all those classical Synthi A sounds.... and let you make lots of new ones, too!

Additional features are:

                                   Full MIDI-implementation such as loading and saving sounds

                                   with all parameters,

                                   Automation of all knobs, pins and the joystick via MIDI-Sysex-

                                   data in realtime, patching the full range of MIDI-controllers to

                                   the modulation-matrix to play your Synthi Avs via MIDI-

                                   keyboard or MIDI-Sequencer.

You can use the Synthi Avs as a VST-Instrument and as a VST-insert-effect, so you can trigger the Synthi Avs by external audio and modulate any external audio by the Synthi Avs.

Synthi Avs:

developement and design: Peter Dewald

    factory-sounds: Ludwig Rehberg    

Betatest: Kai Schliekelmann

Version 1.0: 04.04.04

                                                   PRICE : 350,-  EURO

System requirements:

PC - 1GHz or higher
1024x768 optimized
Win 98SE or Win XP
Asio Soundcard recommended
VSTapplication (sequencer or audio software)


Download Demo (ca. 4.2 MB) now !

Installing Synthi Avs on your PC is very simple, execute setup.exe and copy the files in your VST-Plugin directory.

..... have fun with this cool tool !!

coming soon ...... EMS Poly Synthi........................................

VST Plugin Technology by Steinberg

e-mail: ludwig@ems-rehberg.de


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